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Hoogeveen Plants

Products: 11SQR in black and colour, 9.2 SQR in black and colour, 2 Litre SQR and 1 Litre SQR in black.

Hoogeveen in Hazerswoude (The Netherlands) is one of the leading nurseries that specialise in the large-scale production of climbing plants. Hoogeveen’s strength lies in its ability to deliver top-quality products quickly all year round.
Together with THOMSEN, Hoogeveen has developed a line in pots in six trendy colours that are a perfect match for the labels. The line is so recognisable that it even has trademark value.
The market in outdoor plants is extremely dynamic at present. Ongoing professionalisation among its customers and rising transport costs prompted Hoogeveen to develop a revolutionary new pot for climbing plants.
Traditionally, climbing plants had been grown in round “rose” pots, but these could no longer accommodate the POS material or the load factor. Hoogeveen and THOMSEN put their heads together and invented a fantastic product: the 11 SQR. A smaller version, the 9.2 SQR, has since been added.
Hoogeveen’s new line in pots is characterised by an optimal load factor, an elegant shape and a smart slot for clicking small and large labels into the rim.
The broad “collar” of the SQR makes an ideal surface for gluing labels, which stay firmly attached till the end of the chain. This labelling method reduces costs. Two strong, matching trays, designed to fit snugly around both pots, have been co-developed with Modiform. StudioPrima has finished off the whole with an eye-catching corporate design, which is repeated on the labels. To strengthen the effect, a number of lines feature pots in colours that match the labels and the plant. The result is a radiant overall product.

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Photos: Siem Hoogeveen and products.