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SO Natural

Products: Cultivation vase, Cultivation vase tray, 12 cm concave-based Phalaenopsis pot

SO Natural, based in Bleiswijk and Zevenhuizen/Moerkapelle (the Netherlands),is the largest orchid grower in Europe. It is run by five brothers, Martin, Hans, André, Wouter and Johan Smaal, who grow eight different types of orchid from seedlings to mature flowering plants. As true “quality” growers with a clear talent for innovation, SO Natural pioneered the development of the concave-based orchid pot. Recently, SO Natural co-developed a cultivation vase with THOMSEN.

In 2003 THOMSEN was the first manufacturer to produce a 12cm (Ø 115mm) orchid pot with a concave base, which gives more room for ventilation. In this way the watering interval is reduced. SO Natural and two other THOMSEN customers were closely involved in the development of this innovative product and were the first to launch it on the market. The concave-based pot has since claimed a market share of around 85 percent.
Recently, SO Natural and THOMSEN introduced the Teeltvaas®, a new cultivation system for Phalaenopsis. The young orchid – including the pot – is placed in the Teeltvaas® soon after planting. This generates countless benefits, including increased uniformity and a better quality plant, and it saves on water, fertiliser and labour.
Patented TeeltVaas®
The TeeltVaas® is a patented cultivation system.
The visionary approach of the Smaal brothers in the cultivation of orchids and anticipated trends in the market prompted SO Natural to get together with knowledge broker Crop Eye and THOMSEN and come up with this new system.
The TeeltVaas® ensures that the leaves of the orchid are orientated more vertically. This facilitates automation and watering. The planting distance is the same from start to finish. The TeeltVaas® is perfectly matched to the THOMSEN 12cm Hi® Orchid pot.
The TeeltVaas® opened up new potential for automation at SO Natural. In the very near future an automatic sleeving machine will be installed, which not only works fast but is relatively small and mobile as well.
THOMSEN has developed strong injection-moulded trays as bearers for the TeeltVaas® in the delivery system.

Photo The Smaal brothers
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