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Vireġ plant sales

Products: PotContainer®, size 14-24

The Vireõ-Group consists of four businesses which deliver a mix of foliage plants, flowering plants and outdoor plants. The sales office and most of the nurseries in the group are situated in De Kwakel (The Netherlands). Since November 2004, the plants have been sold under the name of Vireõ Plant Sales. The four businesses in the group have created a collective Vireõ image, accompanied by a unique line in pots called the Potcontainer®.

The Hogenboom family at HederaPlant and Gino Van Helleputte at THOMSEN have been close associates for many years. Several years ago this relationship delivered two customised pots for the cultivation of ivy.
So, when HederaPlant was looking for a new, collective image for the participating businesses, it decided to approach THOMSEN. HederaPlant wanted a pot without sharp edges to prevent damage to the plants during transportation; but the pot also needed to look authentic. After close consultation the result was the new Potcontainer®, available in 14cm, 17cm, 19cm, 21cm and 24 cm, with raised feet as an option.
The introduction of the PotContainer® in all the product groups has given the Vireõ businesses a collective, recognisable and very decorative Vireõ image.

Quote: Martin Hoogenboom

Photo Martin